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🌐 Wallet overview, walkthrough Ozone

Dislaimer : This is a guide made on Feb 20th 2024. It is not meant to be used as financial advice. All sites are run by 3rd parties that are not associated with us. Use all sites and information at your risk.

“Ozone is a secure wallet for XCH and CAT transactions on the CHIA NETWORK. It enables crypto payments across a suite of real-world applications.”


“Ozone allows sending and receiving of XCH and CAT payments. It provides local key storage, transaction signing, and NFT management. It supports QR code transactions and is available on multiple platforms. It’s fully integrated with the Catkchi token ecosystem and offers extension systems for wallet functionality enhancement.”


- Multiplatform Support: Ozone Wallet supports multiple platforms, making it accessible to a wider range of users regardless of their device or operating system.

- Versatility: The wallet allows users to transfer Chia, CAT, and NFT assets directly or through respective offers, providing a versatile solution for managing different types of assets within the Chia ecosystem.

- Innovative Features: Ozone Wallet was the first wallet to support CATs, NFTs, and offers using the Tangem card, showcasing its commitment to innovation within the Chia community.

- Enhanced Accessibility: By aiming to revolutionize the Chia experience, Ozone Wallet contributes to making Chia more accessible to enthusiasts and investors, potentially broadening its user base and adoption.

- Security: While not explicitly mentioned, a well-designed wallet typically incorporates security features to protect users' assets, and Ozone Wallet likely follows suit in this regard, providing a secure environment for managing digital assets.

- Integration with Tibetswap and Dexie: Ozone Wallet facilitates easy token swaps with Tibetswap and Dexie, providing users with convenient access to decentralized exchanges for trading and liquidity provision.

- Seamless Reward Claiming from Dexie: Users can effortlessly claim rewards tokens from Dexie directly through Ozone Wallet, streamlining the process of accessing and managing their rewards within the Chia ecosystem.

- Opportunity to Earn Torogoz Token: Ozone Wallet offers users the chance to earn Torogoz tokens by watching ad videos, providing an additional avenue for incentivized engagement within the platform.

- Continuous Development of New Features: The commitment to ongoing development of new features demonstrates Ozone Wallet's dedication to enhancing user experience and functionality over time, ensuring that users have access to cutting-edge tools and capabilities within the Chia community.


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